University Academic Advising Executive Council

The University Academic Advising Executive Council (UAAEC) reports to the Provost and provides leadership in the University effort to ensure the best possible academic advising to Washington State University undergraduate students. The functions of the Council are to:

  • Develop and implement university-wide policies and procedures related to academic advising to ensure consistent application of academic advising policies.
  • Address issues that arise from internal and external constituencies where intensive data collection and analysis are needed.
  • Make recommendations to appropriate campus bodies regarding undergraduate academic advising policies and procedures including definition, interpretation, implementation, coordination and improvement in advising practices, systems.
  • Promote the importance of academic advising across campus.
  • Participate in and support annual assessment of university-wide undergraduate academic advising.
  • Regularly advise the Provost on matters regarding undergraduate academic advising

Advising Consultant Group

The Advising Consultant Group (ACG) is a University Committee that reports to the UAAEC and is a representative body of advising from all colleges, school, or campus advising unit, and ASWSU. Its functions are to:

  • Serve as an information-gathering, communications, and coordination group for advising efforts and issues across the University.
  • Foster cooperation and coherence, and share best practices related to advising.
  • Evaluate and make recommendations regarding support and resources that would enhance the effectiveness of staff and faculty advisors.
  • Act as positive change agent for academic advisors/advising system, students and the institution.
  • Promote the importance of academic advising across campus.
  • Promote effective academic advising by identifying problems and recommending solutions to the University Academic Advising Executive Council.