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Welcome to Advising at WSU


Advising at Washington State University is a valued partnership with students, faculty, and administrators that builds educational relationships integral to academic success.


Academic advising builds collaborative student-centered relationships that support achievement of personal development and academic success.


  • An academic advising program valued by students, faculty, staff, and administrators.
  • An academic advising program that focuses on student-centered relationships.
  • An academic advising program with consistency and clarity of message.




Thursday March 1: Fall Semester Schedule goes lIve.
Friday March 2: Last day to apply for May 2018 undergraduate degree
Sunday March 4: Advising Holds Applied
Monday March 12: Shopping Cart is open to load classes

Priority Registration Begins
April 9 – Vet Med Students
April 10 – Business Students & Graduate Students
April 10-11 – Seniors
April 12-13 -Juniors
April 16-17 –  Sophomores
 April 18-19 – First Years
 April 23 – U of I Co-Op Students
August 16 – Non-degree