Advising Strategic Plan

Academic Advising Strategic Action Plan

  • Valued advising program:
    • Revise the purpose of the Advising Consultant Group to serve as true consultants and representatives of university academic advisors
    • Create a University Academic Advising Executive Council through which all system-wide advising information, discussion, and new initiatives flow
    • Develop an Advising Forum that educates the campus community on issues related to student experience, communicates the roles and responsibilities of advisors, and identifies barriers that impede effective advising for student success across the university.
  • A focus on student-centered relationships:
    • Rework advising website ( adding an advisor directory and advising calendar.
    • Develop peer mentoring program for improved access to advising information.
  • Consistency and clarity of message:
    • Develop a standard advisor transition process for students who change majors.
    • Mandate the exclusive use of WSU email for all email communication originating from the university to students.
    • Revise advising training to include both faculty and staff undergraduate advisors.
    • Create a comprehensive, university wide assessment plan for academic advising.


Advising at Washington State University is a valued partnership with students, faculty, and administrators that builds educational relationships integral to academic success.


Academic advising builds collaborative student-centered relationships that support achievement of personal development and academic success.


  • An academic advising program valued by students, faculty, staff, and administrators.
  • An academic advising program that focuses on student-centered relationships.
  • An academic advising program with consistency and clarity of message.