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Advising Issue Recommendation (For Use by WSU Faculty and Staff ONLY)

This is NOT a Complaint page for STUDENTS. Direct any Complaints to your Advisor or their Supervisor (i.e. Department Chair).

Objective: The purpose of this recommendation is to review advising issues and consider institutional changes in policy and procedures to improve efficiency and effectiveness. This process documents problem identification and resolution. Furthermore, it enhances both institutional recording and archival retrieval.

Instructions: Provide detailed responses to describe the issue, your solution, complicating factors and the expected benefits of your suggestions in the fields below. Include appropriate support documentation. If you have questions, please contact the ACG Advising Issues committee chair, Chrisi Kincaid, 335-3027,

Advising Issues

  • What is not working well, what is the current situation? How are staff, faculty or students impacted? What is the level of importance and urgency of the problem?
  • How do we change the current situation? Break the issue into small problems. What specific policy or procedure needs to be changed? Which individuals and offices will implement the recommendation?
  • Issues of current policy guidance? Campus wide implementation? Is the problem the same for every department or is there a lack of consistency that complicates the recommendation? Who needs to authorize the change? Describe any costs in time, money or resources?
  • What can you estimate in terms of savings in time and resources, and improved staff and student satisfaction? A simple cost/benefits comparison would support successful implementation.
  • Max. file size: 195 MB.
    Please upload any additional materials in support of this issue. PDF, Word or Excel Please.