Student Forms

Student Forms Change of Graduation Date Undergraduate Student Petition (Registrar related, Withdrawals, Repeats, etc) Online University Requirement Petition (graduation requirements, UCORE, etc.) and Transfer Course Substitution Forms (Rev 4-21) For reference only: PDF of University Requirement Petition Rev 5-18 and  PDF of Transfer Substitution Requests Rev 3-18 Change of Campus Intercampus Enrollment Request (Temporary Enrollment […]

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Students Education Abroad UCORE Equivalencies      

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myWSU Tutorial

myWSU Tips   Advisement reports with GERs for FSRs View Enrollment Error Messages

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What Does this Hold Mean?

Hold List If a service indicator does not appear on one of these lists it is not a hold and will not prevent registration activity. These Holds Block ALL Registration and Enrollment activity: Hold Description Code Reason Message Admissions Transcript Needed AAD Admission Transcript Hold Contact the Office of Admissions for information regarding this hold. 509-335-5586 […]

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Advising Forms

  Advising Forms Change of Major, Additional Major, Minor Certification of Post Bacc student (Rule 5B) Change of Graduation Date Change of Campus Intercampus Enrollment Omit AP scores (Student must log in) Registrars Office Petition (Withdrawals, Repeats etc.) PDF versions of  University Requirement Petition Rev 6-29  and Transfer Substitution Requests Rev 3-18 UCORE Transfer Calculator […]

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Advisor Contact List

Advisor Contact List Click here to go to a landing page listing all the Colleges’ advising sites. You can then click on the contact list for each College.

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Abbreviations List

Abbreviations List This is a list of Common abbreviations generated at the September 2014 Advising Forum that Advisors can use in Advising Notes. Common Abbreviations Definition Adv Advising appointment b/c because c// taken concurrently cert certified dne did not enroll f/u Follow up lm left message lm w/ left message with mt w/std Met with […]

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