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Advising at Washington State University is a valued partnership with students, faculty, and administrators that builds educational relationships integral to academic success.



Academic advising builds collaborative student-centered relationships that support achievement of personal development and academic success.


  • An academic advising program valued by students, faculty, staff, and administrators.
  • An academic advising program that focuses on student-centered relationships.
  • An academic advising program with consistency and clarity of message.

Academic Advising Strategic Action Plan 2018:

  • A Valued Academic Advising Program
    • Open houses for different departments
    • Better idea in community about what advising is
      • Training for chairs/directors on advising core duties
      • Monthly newsletter about advising for university system
    • Mandatory advisor training with 100% participation (related to communication plan on academic advising)
  • Academic Advising that Focuses on Student-Centered relationships
    • Survey students for satisfaction, their needs in advising
    • Implement “Murrow Updates” type of communication plan
    • Implement “no advising hold” advising and registration
  • Academic Advising with Consistency and Clarity of Message
    • Centralized messaging so advisors aren’t recreating the wheel — 411
    • Developing campus specific modules/templates for Blackboard
    • Survey advisors on SSC, BB adoption and find out if they are not using; if not, why not